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 Evacuee meets Tennessee........"Titans" !

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PostSubject: Evacuee meets Tennessee........"Titans" !   Thu Nov 01, 2007 10:06 pm

Howdy Folks, It's Bruce the "Titan Troubadour" !
Are you ready for a good sock knockin' story cause that's just what I've got!

The New Orleans Saints wouldn't listen... but the Tennessee Titans sure are!!
The fans here have adopted me like family and the time I have spent with them makes me PROUD to say, I AM A TENNESSEE TITANS FAN!!


I will be singing all 3 Titan Tunes in the Stadium Inn parking lot on Game Day at 10:30 AM...thanks to Graci's Bar!

Would you please mention it to any Titan Tailgatin Fans you know?
My goal is to perform a half time show in LP Field !
Thanks & GO TITANS!!!

From: bbooth@wkdzradio.com


I feel the "BIG MO" heading your way..a little momentum goes a long way
in this business…

From:Assistant PD & Producer for Primetime Sports patrick@wlac.com

Hello Bruce, Do we have your permission to use this on air? We can give
credit on the PTS page of the website for the use of the song if you'd
like. Thank You, ------------------------------------Assistant PD &
Producer for Primetime Sports patrick@wlac.com 55 Music Square West

From: "Bill Booth" <bbooth@wkdzradio.com> Add to Address Book Add

Sounds great BRUCE, keep singing...I played both songs Monday before my
interview with Larry Stone...

"In Dreams and Prayer"

Written By: Kymberly Holm

When I first met Bruce Bellott, I was a little frightened to be honest of his intense enthusiasm and energy. In today’s world with its hustle and bustle, we are too preoccupied with our problems and concerns to show genuine excitement or to even notice that our life is balanced with good along with the bad. Bruce Bellott doesn’t just acknowledge the positives in his life but he is genuinely grateful for all he has been given and makes it a point to share this joy with everyone he meets. Here is his story.
Bruce grew up in Southern Louisiana with a loving mother and an enormous passion for country music. Since Bruce was a little boy, he dreamed of being a country music star. When he graduated from high school, his mother bought him a one-way ticket to Nashville, Tennessee on a Greyhound bus. Bruce was on his own to make it in music city with nothing but his mother's beloved saying, "Everything happens for the best". Bruce fell in love with Nashville and did land two singing gigs on Sixth Avenue during his stay. Unfortunately, he became ill and could no longer sing for tips so he was forced to return home to momma.
Once Bruce returned to New Orleans, he went though the routine ups and downs of life. He did continue to play music locally until his first son Chase was born. He was married twice and had two more beautiful children, Mackie and Jenny, to his second wife. He was successful in starting his own car audio business in New Orleans in which he used to support his family and then after eighteen years moved it to Slidell, Louisiana. Bruce had everything; a wife, three beautiful children, and a successful business until...one day he came home to find forty pages of love letters to his wife from another man. He had lost his entire family to a "Shrimp Man".
In the process of another divorce, struggling with Crones disease & having lost his mother, Bruce moved the business away once again. This time the move was to be away from the Shrimp man who stole his family. During this time, Bruce was also sleeping on the floor of his shop as the Shrimp man took over his home and even fished off his dock! But then really bad got even worse…
The people of New Orleans had always expected "the big one" to hit any day and on August 29th, 2005 it did. Hurricane Katrina made land fall at 7:10 AM that morning and shattered the lives and dreams of everyone in her path. Among those hit was Bruce. Luckily, he made it to a three-bedroom cabin in Lake D’Arbonne with his wife and children. They stayed there for three weeks with three other families. After trying to reconcile their marriage and getting nowhere, Bruce and his wife parted ways. This left Bruce, once again, alone and stranded in the state park. Bruce never surrendered his faith however and in his favor the Christian people of Farmerville, Louisiana pitched in to help their neighbors from southern Louisiana. Among the aid that was available for him, Bruce heard of a gift card offered by Wal-Mart that would be of enormous help. Unfortunately, the bus that Bruce took to the shelter arrived after the last bus to Arkansas had left. Bruce was devastated!
Officials told Bruce that there would be no other bus going to Arkansas and that it was the last day to get a gift card. As he turned away, a man named Calvin who had over heard the conversation offered to pray for Bruce in a restroom. Calvin also told him, "you will get your gift card". As soon as Calvin said Amen and they exited the restroom, a woman named Sharon grabbed Bruce by the arm and said "I'm taking you to Arkansas so you can get your Wal-Mart card, let's go!". About half way there, her husband called and asked her where she was. Not knowing where she was supposed to go, Sharon asked her husband if he knew how to get to Elderado, Arkansas. He directed her to the shelter just in time! While waiting for his number to be called Bruce was thinking he would need shoes to sing in when he made it to Nashville. Almost as an instant answer, a man came though the glass doors and walked up to Bruce and said "Where can I put this bag of shoes". They were Nunn Bush's & Sketcher Sports and they were a perfect fit! Bruce couldn't believe what just happened so he walked around the shelter to see if there were any other shoes there and there were only women’s and children’s shoes left! When Bruce made it back to Farmerville, he told Calvin what had happened. Calvin simply smiled and said; " I told you the lord can do anything if you just pray for it".
Bruce still had the dream to be a country music singer but now he had an even bigger goal! This goal was to pay back the people of Farmerville and his government for helping him and his family through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He was going to write songs about Louisiana and create a benefit CD in order to help with the reconstruction efforts. He knew he needed a vehicle to make the journey to Nashville so he traded in his Wal-Mart card at a local used car lot and drove off in a 1984 Crown Victoria. Unfortunately for Bruce, the car was a clunker and it jerked and overheated all the way to the cabin. Bruce had offered the remaining space in his cabin to a family that had been staying in a tent. They had been rescued by boat and needed a place to stay during the remnants of Katrina. After hearing their story, Bruce was inspired to write his song entitled "Katrina". Bruce was invited to sing at the Louisiana Chicken Festival in Dubach, Louisiana where he performed his new songs with an acoustic guitar that had made it though Katrina in an upstairs bathroom. When Bruce told someone that his car was never going to make it to Nashville, they said "If you think that, then you better go put your name in the hat for that Chevy van. The drawing closes in fifteen minutes!" With a five-dollar bill and a couple of dollars for gas to make it back to Farmerville, Bruce took the chance of his life and fifteen minutes later the Slidell "evacuee" was the winner of a 1994 Chevy Astro Van!
The next morning Bruce was invited to do a testimonial during the Sunday service. Afterwards, the town’s people of Farmerville were delighted to tell Bruce that they wanted to pay the tax and title fees on his new van. This enabled him to save all of his money for gas on the trip to Nashville. They also treated Bruce to a Donkey basketball game and presented him with a trophy. The trophy was the rear end of a donkey; imagine that!
Bruce spent his days window tinting at heavily discounted rates in order to raise a little money for gas. One day while he was tinting a neighbor’s car an older couple stopped Bruce to ask about the cabin. They told Bruce that they wanted to rent one after their trip to Nashville. When he heard that the couple was on their way to Nashville, he exclaimed, “That’s where I’m going!” Bruce told them that he was going there to do a benefit CD for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The friendly couple told Bruce that they were personal friends of Porter Wagener and Jim Ed Brown and to give them a note with their names on it and Porter and Jim would definitely listen to Bruce's songs.
After winning four raffles at the recreation center (Sonic cards, phone cards, food baskets and the Astro Van) Bruce looked at this as yet another sign to continue his journey. An ex football coach of the Farmerville Farmers (Coach Malvin) treated Bruce to his first Rodeo and they became very good friends. Coach called Bruce long after to say that they're still praying for him down in Farmerville. There were lots of church groups feeding and praying for everyone in the recreation center, but Bruce performed for them and the evacuees and told everyone that he was starting to believe that you could pray for anything! They told Bruce he would make it in Nashville because they were praying for it to happen. Until Bruce met these church groups, he had only thought that you could pray for family, friends, people who were sick, or at a funeral. Bruce was raised Catholic and this sounded kind of greedy to him to have people praying that he would make it in music. He would still rather that everyone not pray for him to make it in music, rather pray that his health stays good long enough for him to have a crack at it!
The night before Bruce left for Nashville, he was asked to sign 25 autographs! Bruce was sitting down for lunch and wondered why all these good things were happening to him. He thought back to a time just weeks before when a storm left holes in his roof and he helped a homeless person who stopped by his business by paying him $300 dollars to fix the leak in his roof! Was it that or was it that Bruce is just an overall nice person who deserved a little return for once? I personally think God was helping him out because he knows that Bruce will pass it forward when he can.
Once Bruce made it Music City, he had trouble finding his way around or a place to park so he could get some sleep. He managed to find an old gospel radio station that had played one of his patriotic songs he sent them after 9-11. He met a man named Hoyt Carter who was working late that night and wanted to hear Bruce's songs. After hearing them, he said "I'm closing up and you're coming with me to a Motel. You're not sleeping in no van". Hoyt befriended Bruce and took him to Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant, bought him a P.O. Box, paid for two nights in the Motel, and told Bruce that if he ever needed anything to call him. By this time, Red Cross assistance had ended in Nashville but on his third night in town, Bruce slept outside the Red Cross in hopes that they could help. After hearing his story, they made an exception and put him in a Hotel. Like the time he was extended a $50 gas card and the time someone else mailed him a check for $500. I’m beginning the think that Bruce Bellott has a lot of overdue Karma coming due. For the most part though, Bruce turned down donations saying that he would much rather work for the money.
The first studio Bruce called was Shadow Lane Studios where owner/producer Phillip Wolfe had him sing a bit of "Katrina" over the phone. After hearing his song, Phillip agreed to record the song and give him a steep discount on making his benefit CD, "Katrina Evacuee Meets Tennessee” which was done with two other evacuees.
Bruce believes whole-heartedly that God is his co-pilot. This belief became a reality when he became lost one day in Nashville looking for ASCAP. He had an appointment and being lost almost made him miss it. He rolled down his window to ask for help and believe it or not, the first person he asked said "I was there last night, follow me"! As they drove off, Bruce asked God if he was in the passenger seat. He made it through rush hour traffic, following the man with his floor buffer on a trailer, just in time to make his appointment. Herky, the ASCAP screener, told him that his song would work on the Grand Ole Opry! A few days later Bruce set out to find all the television stations in order to share his amazing story but was worried about running out of gas. He happened to turn a corner and every television station was lined up outside a Government building waiting to catch a story. Of course, Bruce parked his van and gave out his CD and story to every station that he could.
Since then, Bruce has performed his songs at the Blue Bird Cafe, two Katrina benefits, and the bars of lower Broadway. On one occasion, at a Dick Cheney event, Bruce was mistaken for a terrorist and restrained. After taking the handcuffs off and listening to Bruce's songs, the secret service agents apologized and said that they would give Bruce's patriotic songs to the President's staff with high recommendation! He also performed in Hendersonville at their annual Fourth Of July Fest. It was there where he met his new friends. Bruce is currently working for Brian Hayes, owner of Brian's Motorsports in Hendersonville. Brian has taken him in as family and as a fellow Christian and would do anything for him.
Having been recently diagnosed with Lupus, learning of Crones disease, losing his mother suddenly (who I hear danced every chance she could get), losing his car audio business, his Toyota Tundra, the chance to see his children grow up, everything he had worked for to Katrina and then going through a bad movie where an ex-Police officer who was fired from two forces in Montana, known as the "Shrimp Man" in Slidell, befriended Bruce only to write 40 pages of brainwashing love letters to his wife…
Bruce "Buscoyo" Bellott still remains the most positive and optimistic man I know. His faith rivals most and he still believes that..."Everything happens for the best".

What a great article written about you Bruce. It's funny, sad and shows a man's love for his family and music. I think your story would make for a great movie too. I think an ugly actor with warts on his nose should play the shrimp man. The man who should play you Bruce is that sexy country singer, Geoege Strait. Thanks for your call Bruce, you sound so happy to me and I'm so happy for you. I hope this young lady who wants to manage you is someone that won't disappoint you. You don't need no more crap in your life. I'll try and keep in touch more and know that I care about you. I just know you're going to make it big......Evy
God Bless country singer, Bruce Bellott
He's not only sweet, he's very hot
Bruce is funny with a great singing voice
The boy can sing, he's the people's choice
Sing your heart out Bellott, you're up there with the best
With singers like Jennings and Jones and all the rest
Sing your big heart out Bellott, you're all the rage
First on the radio, then on the Grand Old Opera stage
*Love Evy

"The Patriot's Voice"
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Evacuee meets Tennessee........"Titans" !
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