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 oiler tradition

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cornelius leach

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PostSubject: oiler tradition   oiler tradition EmptySat Jan 31, 2009 3:35 pm

i like to talk about the current state of the titians as an oiler fan watching warren moon and all the great oilers that nobody knows about i cant belive we have not won a super bowl when we should be a dynasty by now better than any team in history why because for one the oilers have been cheated out of many big playoff games like the game against the bills the biggest deffensive callapse how about the cheating bills and the refs that miss calls all game putting the oilers in a tough spot that we still almost one but a miss field goal in ot things have not been right since i have been patience with this group off coaches that i love dont get me wrong but a lot off coaches have been fired because of these games and cheating teams just read the usa today or watch the films of oiler playoff games all were close in the 90's they fire our defensive coordnator and bring buddy ryan in who thinks physical aggressive deffense was the key it didnt work in philly and he got the the run and shoot broken up oilers coaches fired and in comes jeff it seems that he is still seaching for that balance on offense that can controll the clock with controlled passing something none off the current coaches can do and seems coaches are always leaving the oilers and are happy with a 13-3 record witch is nothing new to tru oiler fans remeber the house of pain was here before any of these current coaches but to help things out as i know football secrets that im trying to get to jeff fisher so the oilers can finally win a superbowl in our lifetime remeber this if defence wins games come playoff time if the score is 0-0 who wins? they think they have a fourmula to stop the run and shoot but they dont i played in the run and shoot and coach also and know speed beats power and brains beat brawns i gave you guys one secret in 2007 when vince young got the madden cover and the inovation went over everybodys head good thing for the oilers now back to the run and shoot i just say this as i rather talk to jeff fisher personaly if any body thinks they can beat the oilers buy blitzing both corners in a 4wrs set they are wrong and if they think they have red zone problems they dont and if they think it will not work in cold and bad weather it can but god has a reason for sending that weather that day as also the football gods will judge you untill kickoff times call 302 399 1051 if you are jeff fisher so i can give you the secrets you need to get the oilers their first superbowl sincerly cornelius

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oiler tradition
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