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 clock management

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cornelius leach

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PostSubject: clock management   clock management EmptyTue Nov 02, 2010 7:30 pm

i think we could put the roll outs back in during the bye becuse if you run them at half speed or late in the game when the defense is tired you can eatup a lot of clock and if you design the play to attack the feld from left to right instead of trying to go down the feld you create more problems for the deffense use the width of the feld to your atvantage i wait for the te coming back across the feld from the right afther rolling out to the left the key is killing time with the passing but you need to take atvantage of the hashes and attack side to side and sometimes downfeld i get the secondary to come up into tight coverage and before i went deep the dump offs to the tigh end out of the back feld is a safe pass play or 8 to 12 yard button hooks or rb passses to the flat or screens to the rb the key is controling the clock it is possible to controll a game on deffense not with turnovers but with clock manegment and feld position i think if you can make them drive 80 yards they would have to play perfect offense not soft coverage but but smart playcalling i think we want the other teams offense in the red zone and with our defense it harder to score there and the end zone gives us a 12th man its like a big mouse trap work on trying to keep the score 0-0 for 3 quarters and players fresh clock management feld position and then turn it up in the fourth quarter this is called a chestmatch focus on qb accurcy for three quarters and keeping the qbs arm warm and getting all wrs catches and the running back caches and work on blast running plays and see if you can learn how to break big runs within 10 trys it going to realy be a battle up front with the linemen starting now and for the rest of the year i think the blast from the spread will stop these 8 man fronts or doulble te 2 wrs spread hb blast will stop these eight man fronts or i would go afther the ss like troy from the steelers id make him beat my whole team

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clock management
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