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 the trench

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cornelius leach

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PostSubject: the trench   the trench EmptyTue Nov 16, 2010 11:12 am

santa study Sleep i think we can stay conservitive and keep it 0-0 until haftime at least and work on reading the other teams offense and defense during the first half i would not worry about stopping the run as much becuase it ties in with clock management as long as the other team is not able to pop a long run or long td run or hit a quick td pass you have to let them run some because they are eating the clock its like watching the reflection of your own team only they dont know it a mousetrap you want to run the ball they want to run the ball as long as we make it to haftime 0-0 we can get deep into there playbook and they probaly would have tried alot of diffrent looks by then its sort of like poker you have to keep your poker face on and your game face when you blitz to stop the run or blitz to force bad throws sometime you give up big plays and your defense gets worn out from all the hitting but if you stay conservitive and 0-0 or 7-7 no more than 10-0 you still have them under pressure to score and is big mouse trap first half is realy extra warm up time and you have to remember that millions are watching and you dont want to exspose your play book concertrate on hit count to your defense and offense i would take this situation there ball on there 20 and keep them in the 15 yard zone mabey four deep zone and work on getting pressure from my defensive line with mabey some old school stunts and have my line backers work the feld horozonaly i think we got beat in this area for two touchdowns but there is no way teams can beat our defense if we work on keeping them in this 15 yard mousetrap and you have to get chris johnson the ball in the flat it is a must he can pop a long run from that area
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the trench
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