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 randy moss

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cornelius leach

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PostSubject: randy moss   randy moss EmptyTue Nov 16, 2010 7:21 pm

santa study Sleep santa cherry Basketball santa i think we can forget about throwing deep to randy moss as our prime reason for having him becuase i can stick randy moss and any one with 4-2 speed can stick randy moss as shut down corners knows it only takes 10 yards or less depending on your speed and agilty and we are not in playoff mode up front on the line or as a team we have to make our run now because indy is coming and if we made the playoffs it will be new england pittsburg and baltimore our arch rivals or indy or a team like the dolphins and we will be one and done again not to mention how the chargers beat us but back to randy moss i have four two speed and i dont know our dbs fourty times but if you line up 8 yds off of moss with this 4-2 speed and agilty you can stop him something our corners need to learn route reconition within 8 yards even bump and run tells a story forget about deep balls 24 seven we need to get back to our run and shoot days when moss would be a haywood jeffries type receiver and britt would be drew hill and gage would be ernest ginvings and so on even webster slaughter who we paid big money for was use wrong but since im teaching any way i mind as well put it here at least somebody is learning the thing about the run and shoot is the freedom of the wrs like moss to make decisions to help a young vince young vince should not be force to make every read right now and randy moss should have some input on youngs reads as should all four wrs and the rb you want to draw all plays up to attack the safeties and corners now we can use intimadation with moss and britt and the other wrs something we have lacked from the wrs in the past but playoff secondaries like pittburg and balt are going to eat us for breakfeast jeff fisher knows this as well as i know this but we can turn this around right now

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randy moss
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