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cornelius leach

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PostSubject: understudy    understudy   EmptyWed Nov 17, 2010 12:13 pm

Sleep Sleep study santa cherry santa Sleep Sleep study Basketball Sleep cherry understudy : becuase i am the master of football not to boast but so these tips are used as the views have gone up im giving more tips for bud and jeff and all oilers/titians as all i want to see is a superbowl win that i have waited for 34 years here is another one for coaches script plays are from bill walsh so you take about ten runs ten passes and get every look you can both ofensively and defensively and try to run them on the first drive and first deffensive series and basicaly you have beat your opponet now you controll the clock and feld position and throw in some game plan stuff for match ups but the chestmatch can be won in the first or fourth qt try to stay out of shootouts and stay more conservitive as a shoot out can be danger it does not take 1millon plays to play football mabey 20runs 20pass 50/50 is good situations and playcalling should be the goal this week dont forget its a secret so dont over expose your self id really like to see cj poping more big runs on fewer touches and become a weapon in the passing the flat is good but you have to get the ball there fast or he going to get pop i think if he can get some looks breaking kicks he would under stand how to pop these runs on few carries i think eddie gorge would have been so much better and would have been the beast for longer remeber horozonaly is the key and breaking the lanes is key back to everybody gets a look at diffrent situations they may have not seen before
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