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 warren moon

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cornelius leach

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PostSubject: warren moon   warren moon EmptyThu Dec 30, 2010 8:15 pm

santa Sleep santa study study Basketball Basketball Sleep Sleep Sleep santa if warren moon set the record for the most passing yards in one game no he came out dan marino still has that or mabey tom brady i heard they are not oilers so i dont waste a brian cell keeping track but why dont jeff fisher have that oiler kc game film from the 90" there is enough passing in those game to improve our offense i love you jeff but you are missing this football thing and if you break down certian films you can come up with your own offense thats what a young coach does now you are an understudy to buddy ryan and others they help you you are also an understudy to jack pardee there is no way this team cant score at will we are a run and shoot team this team is stagnated and i will help but jeff fisher has to listen to reason and respond so i can help how ever he wants to talk also kenny britt and this team needs help in training kenny britt should not be pulling hamstrings even k. dyson was the same in 2000 under this training staff and it cost us barely makeing the super bowl and we lost k. dyson tried but we are so downhill from 2000 it like we dont know what a superbowl team is some teams look at us and afther 2 plays they are like we got them again piece of cake afther 2 plays i can tell and i know the whole nfl knows but i have the secrets and one is this football players never tire and we need to work on our training becuse pulled hamstrings are a sign of poor training mabey its these online guest that this program is design by i know for sure it might be the fbi cia homeland security they might be double crossing this team for billions of dollors just a joke but some truth i have to laugh untill next season i do have the secrets as i am a mastermind santa santa Sleep Sleep study Sleep Sleep santa santa Basketball sunny

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warren moon
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