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 Forever waiting...........

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sweet shoes

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PostSubject: Forever waiting...........   Mon Mar 24, 2008 4:16 pm

I have been following the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans since the mid 70's. I know the vibes, the systems and Bud Adams way of thinking. So seen that I am new to this forum thing, let me give it a whirl.

The Titans running game diminished badly when they lost Lorenzo Neal a few years back. To this day I still wonder about the decision to let him walk so easily. Hopfully Hall can be a top notch fullback one day. He is young and he is improving every game. The system that the Titans are using now needs an excellent (not good) Fullback. It would be good for giving Lendale White another yard to his rushing average. It would create a little bit shorter distance on those long second and third downs that we always seem to see.

I am not giving up on Vince Young, though I was ready to see the Titans go with more of a pocket passer. I am suprised that Fisher and the Titans decided to go this direction in using a running quarterback like Young. It takes away from that control the clock mentality that coach Fisher is always trying to work. Once the legs go, will Vince Young be able to become the pocket passer that carries us beyond a few years. Will Vince Young ever be a legacy? Time will tell.

Trade Pac Man ---- NO,NO,NO------- I know that the guy may be a head case at times, but if I had that much money in my 20's, I would probably wouldn't be here right now. The man is a great talent who is payed to play football. Everyone grows up eventually and I think that coach Fisher and the Titans should give him that chance. If he was put back in the draft he would be a #1 pick, not the #3 choice that we might get for him. We kept Albert Haynesworth after his shunanagins, which I see being far worse to the sport than what Pac-Man did in his personal time. I know that the NFL wants to hold players to higher standards, but these guys aren't figure skaters for Walt Disney World. If the guys on the team look at him with respect as a player and a team mate, why wouldn't you fill your cornerback needs with what you already have. That makes our first round draft choice open for the defensive lineman or a reciever that the team could really use. Isn't Taeo Spikes still out there available?

Now a call to the coach- - 1.Throw in the hurry up offense in for a play every few downs.
2. Wasting timeouts due to clock managment need to minimize.
3. Whatever happened to the direct snap which is almost always good for some yardage.
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Jonathan Hutton

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PostSubject: Re: Forever waiting...........   Thu Apr 10, 2008 12:24 am

You seem like a good fit for this. Email me at jhutton@titansradio.com and I can get a feel for what you'll be good at.
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PostSubject: Forever Waiting   Fri Apr 25, 2008 9:48 am

I am offended by your Pacman comments and have to reply! This is the last time I'm going to talk about him. I'm not trying to be the 12th man, but I can't sit back and watch someone writeoff Pacs' behavior as "oh he's just young". That is ridiculous!!!!! Things you slap people on the wrist for when they are "young" are: showing up late for work, bouncing a check, public intoxication. After your late 5 times, it's no long a slap on the wrist. Those are bad decisions. The incidents that Pac has become involved with make him a low life CRIMINAL. I don't care if he is the greatest football player of all-time. That is what's wrong with this country. Our morals revolve around all the wrong things. Sweet shoes--what your telling me is that what a player does off the field has absolutely no weight with you? How can that be. How do you cheer for a player that laughs in an interview when asked about charges related to his actions that left a man paralyed? If your willing to cheer for this player and help pay his salary for the purpose of watching a football game, then in my opinion, your no better than him. As you can tell, I'm pretty fired up about this. I wish I could type with Denzel Washington's voice in "Training Day". The NFL is a business, but it is also a privelege, and it's imperative you draw the line. At what cost will you go to enjoy the game. I'm glad we don't have that "but" factor in the locker room anymore, and it seems like KVDB and the rest of the players feel the same way. Bottom line--Adam Jones is a 100% pure thug that doesn't deserve to make millions of dollars and play in the NFL. He doesn't even deserve to walk the streets. Wesley Snipes just got 3 years in prison for tax evasion. How much time in jail has Jones spent----0. He can't even handle probation, or meet with the commisioner on time. I'm done. I hope I never have to say "Pacman" again.
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PostSubject: I WANNA POST   Wed Jul 23, 2008 12:46 pm

Well everyone this will be my first post for this upcoming season. and it wont be long because its late. Although i am a loyal titans fan i have to say that i cannot always agree on everything that the coaches and the owners do every year. Starting with the draft. Now i am a college student so i am always watching college football but i think everyone here could have agreed with this year by not taking sweed from Texas in the first round was just silly. I just dont understand??? whycould we not take him?I didnt think he was an awful player. in fact he was a great player in my opinion. And its not like we already have other texas players and vince already knows sweeds style of play and has thrown touchdowns to him in the past. But yet we take another......another.......another.....running back. I mean this is becoming a yearly thing. Now i did watch johnson in the hawaii bowl when he himself won the game. but i do not think it was worth a first round choice.

But to the titans defense im very excited. They have everything they need to shut people down. If only they could figure out what to do with albert...... Im not sure but it seems like we can never come to terms with his contract. JUST PAY HIM. Hes worth the money. But other than that i believe a couple more corners and maybe with this d2 player we just signed in the 4th round......: ( maybe we can do some more damage. Now im not bashing the d2 player but we have a great d-line and we need great backups to keep the defense fresh. People say that your best d-line is your second string d-line and i think this is true because those starters gotta take a break sometimes. but other than that i think we have a chance to be the best defense in the NFL.

Im sorry for everyone who thought i was bashing the titans but i am not. I love the titans and am a huge fan i just have a few concerns i hope we can make it deep this year in the playoffs. But thats all im going to say.But im gonna go to bed now and dream that we some how got chad johnson on a trade deal....................cya
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PostSubject: pacman   Wed Jul 23, 2008 1:12 pm

Pacman was not a low life thug........ so your saying that he was the only player that is playing that 1 makes millions and 2 is still playing? i can name a lot of people who were accused of wayyyyyyy bigger crimes that got out of it. So please before you start pointing a finger please remember this has happend before in the NFL. This man was a great player for the titans. And although he had bad choices. This is a business. This is why he still is going to play. You are thinking in a way that if someone does something wrong they should go to jail which is true. But i am thinking like a business which i bet the cowboys are thinking. "The man had issues but damn can he play some football". Keep saying how wrong and how bad my comment is but the fact is that he will still play and still make millions no matter what any of us say. We have to remember although we want to live in a fair equal world we dont and people will get privilages no matter how bad they are this is the world we live in. I think Adam Jones is a great player with bad choices and the titans may have made a bad move by trading him.
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PostSubject: Re: Forever waiting...........   Sun Dec 07, 2008 11:39 am

Adam "Pac-Man" Jones, where can you start with him? I don't know about everyone else, but I now see him for his problems and not for his athleticism. He's turned into a broken record with a teflon coating that doesn't want his "man-hood" to bond onto real life reality. This problem child of the NFL has become worse and worse and keeps getting a second chance. He must have one heck of a publicist or agent cause his time in the NFL, especially if I were commish would be far over by now.

As far as A.Jones and the Titans organization goes, it's was a risk and Reese isn't afraid of admitting a bad decision. Also, now that we look at this from the other side, doesn't the grass look greener with the things he has done in Dallas? If there is anyone or any organization that could rub two pennies together and get a nickle out of it, that would have to be Jerry Jones, and not even he can pull this one off. Jones' story of stardom still isn't over and there's still a chapter to be wrote, but I'm glad to say that it will not be with the Titans.
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PostSubject: Re: Forever waiting...........   

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Forever waiting...........
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